351 Howell St.
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Invoice Number WEBINV-10841
Invoice Date November 9, 2021
Due Date December 27, 2021
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Bill To:
Juckas Stables, Inc.

1204 NY-302
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Install outdoor WiFi and extend phone line to barn at Juckas Riding Stables.

Proposed Equipment

TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor Access Point x 2
TP-Link Omada Hardware Controller

  • Extended protection plans recommended for equipment

Consultation and Configuration by Painless Technologies 

Painless Technologies will acquire 2 proposed WiFi devices and 1 controller device. Controller will be installed at the modem and WiFi devices will be installed 1 on the house and 1 on the barn.
Installation will be as non-obtrusive as possible while still maintaining placement for best performance of device.

Phone line will be back fed from the source at the modem and a line will be extended to the barn.

Trenching is required from the house to the barn to carry the required Cat5 cabling and the phone extension cabling.
Trench distance measured at approximately 195 feet.

Painless Technologies will configure devices per clients requirements including a guest WiFi network and a secure company WiFi network.

Painless Technologies will demonstrate the connectivity of the installed WiFi network and instruct the customer on the usage of the new networks.

Painless Technologies bills at a rate of $120.00/hr for the first hour on-site and $80.00/hr for each additional hour.
Estimated time for this project is 6 hours for the installation and configuration of equipment and cabling.

Labor for trenching is included and not billed by the hour.

The Outdoor Access Points and all materials related to the installation including cabling, fasteners, jacks, and plugs are estimated in this quote and will be billed to the customer upon completion of the installation.

Service Hrs/QtySub Total

Labor included

Equipment Installation - First Hour On-Site

Labor Estimation

Equipment Installation

Labor Estimation

TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor

Pricing as of 10/18/21

TP-Link Omada Hardware Controller

Pricing as of 10/18/21

Extended Protection Plans

Estimated based on current equipment pricing

1" PVC Conduit and accessories

Material Estimation

Cat5 Cabling

Material Estimation

Telephone Cabling

Material Estimation

Sub Total $3,357.39
Tax $42.61
Paid -$3,400.00
Total Due $0.00