351 Howell St.
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Invoice Number WEBINV-10868
Invoice Date June 20, 2022
Due Date July 11, 2022
Total Due $857.00
Bill To:
Juckas Stables, Inc.

1204 NY-302
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Repair outdoor WiFi and phone line to barn at Juckas Riding Stables.

In ground lines and conduit damaged breaking connection to WiFi device and phone at barn.

No reimbursement could be obtained from trenching subcontractor.

Consultation and Configuration by Painless Technologies 

Painless Technologies will deepen conduit trench in problem area to ensure better protection from above ground disturbance. Juckas Stables will supply gravel and backfill trench.

Painless Technologies will pull new cables for barn WiFi device and phone through the conduit to the barn and reconnect devices. Damaged conduit will be repaired or replaced where a necessary.

Painless Technologies will configure devices per clients requirements including a guest WiFi network and a secure company WiFi network.

Painless Technologies will demonstrate the connectivity of the installed WiFi network and instruct the customer on the usage of the new networks.

Painless Technologies bills at a rate of $120.00/hr for the first hour on-site and $80.00/hr for each additional hour.

The Outdoor Access Points and all materials related to the installation including cabling, fasteners, jacks, and plugs are estimated in this quote and will be billed to the customer upon completion of the installation.

Service Hrs/QtySub Total

2 men manual trenching
First Hour On-site Fee waived
50% Markdown applied

TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor

Damaged TP-Link EAP225-Outdoor Replaced
No Charge

1" PVC Conduit and accessories


Cat5 Cabling


Telephone Cabling


Equipment Installation

Reconnection of devices and troubleshooting connectivity issues
No Charge

Sub Total $857.00
Tax $0.00
Total Due $857.00