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Invoice Date June 20, 2022
Due Date July 11, 2022
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Pine Bush Equine Services

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Web Site and Email Address Migration

  • Move from Lynxx Direct to Painless Web Host.
  • Configure solution of ensuring reliable email deliverability to clients and between addresses.
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Web Site Migration

Configure new hosting, initiate and complete domain transfer, migrate site files and content, reissue SSL certificate for new server, recreate email addresses, ensure web site is live and functions properly after migration

SSL Reissue - Troubleshooting

Issues encountered with reissuing SSL certificate for
Old SSL cert from Let's Encrypt on Lynxx Direct server will not release.
New SSL cert on Painless Web Host server is not being used.
Effects ability to completely configure DNS for
Effects ability to obtain secure connection through mail server. Alternate mail server provided for secure connections.

Lynxx Direct deleted the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate from their server.
New SSL certificate obtained and installed on Painless Web Host server.
Painless Web Host server support contacted - unable troubleshoot Let's Encrypt certificate.
Cleared web cache.
Reissued, reinstalled, and verified configuration of new SSL certificate on Painless Web Host server.

Let's Encrypt SSL certificates auto renew every 3 months. Current expiration date: 7/23/2022.
Since the Let's Encrypt SSL certificate has been deleted from the Lynxx Direct serve it should not auto renew on 7/23/2022.
Painless Web Host server support recommends waiting for the Let's Encrypt SSL expiration and obtaining and installing a Painless Web Host SSL certificate at that time.

Email Address Migration

Backup & Migrate email inboxes (move all saved messages and folders from current server to new server)

Markdown - Email Address Migration

up to 25% Markdown.

Email Deliverability

Free SendGrid account for each active email address not configured.
Alternatively used Cloudflare DNS and configured SPF, DMARC, and DKIM DNS records to facilitate reliable email deliverability.

SPF: The Sender Policy Framework or SPF allows you to specify all IP addresses and hostnames that are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. Without configuring SPF on your domain your email may be blocked or marked as spam by email receivers.

DMARC: Domain-based Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance or DMARC tells an email receiver how to treat incoming emails from your domain that fail email security checks.

DKIM: DomainKeys Identified Mail or DKIM adds a public key to your DNS for email receivers to verify your outgoing signed email.

Complimentary Technical SEO Web Site Audit

Technical SEO Web Site Audit of ($300.00)
An examination of crucial structural aspects of your website, its links, pages, page coding and other factors that may influence a website's rankings in search engines, performance, and visitor experience.
Please view accompanying report.

Key Factors to review:
Resources with 4xx status code
robots.txt file
Fixed www and non-www versions
Issues with HTTP/HTTPS site versions
Pages with long redirect chains
Too big pages
Too long URLs
Broken links
Pages with excessive number of links
Broken images
Empty alt text
Duplicate titles
Too long titles
Empty meta descriptions
Duplicate meta descriptions
Too long meta description

Sub Total $770.00
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Total Due $770.00