351 Howell St.
Pine Bush, NY 12566

Invoice Number WEBINV-10869
Invoice Date June 20, 2022
Due Date July 11, 2022
Total Due $2,500.00
Bill To:
Suture Education

Michael McLean

Invoice: SutureEducation Website Development and Deployment.


  1. Develop and deploy a web site on the SutureEducation domain.
  2. Web site will display information about SutureEducation and its available curriculum.
  3. Web site will book and collect payment for scheduled classes provided by SutureEducation.
  4. Booking a class will enable a membership for a period of time providing students with exclusive access to suture study and practice materials at discounted rate.
  5. Web site will display testimonials of students from previous classes as well as be able to collect new testimonials to display.


  • Proposed Site Structure:
    Pages / Screens

    • Home Page
    • About Us
    • Curriculum
    • Photos
    • Customer Testimonials
    • Contact
    • Courses (Start of Bookings branch)
      • Courses Catalog
      • Course Detail Page
      • Booking review Page (Cart)
      • Payment Page
      • Thank You Page
      • My Account Page / Login (Available only while logged in)
        • Dashboard
        • Orders / Bookings Page
        • Address Edit Page
        • Payment Methods¬† Page
        • Account Details Page
    • Privacy Policy
    • Training material (Start of Membership branch)
      • Course Content
      • Technique of the Week
    • FAQ
    • Cancelation Policy
  • Merchant account for processing bookings and membership payments.
  • Business Web Hosting Package with SSL Certificate.
  • Web Site Maintenance & Security Package.

Web Site Development and Deployment by Painless Technologies:

  • Manipulation and optimization of supplied graphics to formats, file sizes, and dimensions suitable for use on the web.
  • Integration of graphics and text content to create pages / screens viewable on the web.
  • Programming and configuration of code and software to create a web based system to process bookings and membership payments.
  • Configuration of the Web Hosting Package for the desired web site functionality as well as configuring web server security features.
  • Placing web site files, content, and graphics on the web server.
  • Connecting developed web site to domain name and deploying the web site to the web.

The Web Hosting and associated services costs are separate from the cost of developing and deploying the web site and must be paid credit card.

Development and Deployment Payment
Painless Technologies accepts the following payment options:

  • Option 1:
    • Half the balance deposit to begin work
    • Remaining balance due upon approval before site goes live to web
  • Option 2:
    • One third the balance deposit to begin work
    • One additional third due upon review of completed work
    • Remaining balance due upon approval before site goes live to web


Service Hrs/QtySub Total
SutureEducation Website Development and Deployment

eCommerce Web Site with Back End Control Panel

Sub Total $5,000.00
Tax $0.00
Paid -$2,500.00
Total Due $2,500.00